Effe2 Ltd. - company specializing in 3D Dye Sublimation

We were pioneers in the treatment of sublimation on objects.
Our high experience and technic refined led us to build in the company
special machinery for3D Dye Sublimation, obtaining the highest quality results.
We are expert in high quality coloring of small objects

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Effe2 Ltd.
Loc. Lagunà
32040 Vigo di Cadore (BL)

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0039 0435 77150


0039 0435 77642

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EffedueThe company was founded in 1976.

It was developed alongside the eyewear industry Cadore.

Currently the activity has expanded to other areas, using experience gained from thirty years.

We were pioneers in the treatment sublimation on objects, 3D sublimation is our specialty.

These treatments are performed with specially designed in the company machines .

Our experience in this field is unsurpassed.

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Effe 2 srl

Loc. Lagunà - 32040 Vigo di Cadore (BL) ITALY

Tel. 0039 0435 77150 - Fax 0039 0435 77642

web: www.effe2finishing.com

E-mail: info@effe2finishing.com

E-mail (per file grafici): graphics@effe2finishing.com

P.IVA: 00197750250

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