3D dye sublimation to color perfectly objects.

We specialize in the treatment of surfaces and sublimation transfer objects of any shape.
In the treatments we manage personalized Patterns on customer design.
We perform special paintings for particular alloys and difficult plastic paintings.
We also perform galvanic treatments , glaze application and pad printing.

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3D dye sublimation - [A] Suppose you have a metal pushpin [B] and want to decorate it with these 2 patterns [C] that is the result with our 3D dye sublimation method: The pushpin will maintain its metallic luster, acquiring the desired decoration, with a high level of quality and precision!

3D Dye Sublimation

We are pioneers of this type of treatment with 20 years of experience and development of the machines in our factory.

The results are surprising, but the ability of our employees is as important as technology.

We are used to decorate objects "impossible"! Even with the images you want on your items.

Follow the example on the side!

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